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The Can Can is just a s popular today as it was in the 1890`s where it was performed in music halls by groups of women in choreographed routines. In the 1920`s this chorus line style of dance was imported to France for the benefit of the tourists and the French Can Can was born made famous by the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

The Can Can was a provocative and risqué dance in its day with the raising of the skirts showing there petticoats, garters and knickers and still today keeps that naughty but nice feel to it.

The UDC dancers are keeping the tradition and spirit of the Can Can alive with workshops and performances all across the UK.


The music is taken from the Opera Orpheus in the Underworld by Offenbach 
There are other tracks that can be used but this is the most well recognised.

The Can Can is a very energetic number with lots of kicks and tricks. A performance of the Can Can would last 5 minutes it can be done longer at the most 10 minutes this would be with a large troupe of dancers.

How many Dancers ?
The more dancers the better it looks and the longer the performance time
Minimum of dancers for our Can Can is four.

What do you get from a Can Can ?
Traditional Can Can moves are: High kicks, Cartwheels, Jumping into splits, the rond de jomb, and of course lots of screams. The Can Can  has an intoxicating energy which is why it is so popular for entertaining guests.

Meet and Greet
The Can Can dancers with there cheeky but sophisticated energy are great for meeting the guests and mingling at an event.

The Can Can is also performed in our Moulin Rouge show (see package shows) Show girl and Burlesque numbers work well with the Can Can. For booking one of our Can Can troupes ……………..

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